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Balloon TWIST'n  

Balloon Twist'n Art will entertain and put a smile on your guests. 
We will interact and let you guest choose a desired design and the character that will be created
instantly before their eyes.  They will be amazed when they see the balloons take its shape, whether
it's a unicorn, flower, penguin, or sword.  The unlimited detailed balloon designs will make your party a hit. Guests will take their balloon art home and remember the memorable and wonderful experience
they had at your event.
● Our set-up is clean, neat, and picture perfect.
● Create 11 - 13 designs per hour, depending on design complexity.
●  We offer popular and creative designs.
● Balloon creations are wearable or hand held. 
● Our cute balloon designs can be customized to fit any age, theme, color   
   scheme, or style.
● Our set-up includes: table, linen, menu, balloons, tools, and all the fun for
   your event.
● Our balloons are 100% biodegradable latex.
● We offer LED lights for night events or glow in  the dark themes.
● Our artists are professional and fully insured.
● Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

​● Multiple artists are available for all parties, corporate, and private events.


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