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Our unique and colorful Face Painting designs will catch everyone’s eye! 
We're happy to fit your event theme! 
Face Painting is as fun for adults as it is for kids and it’s a super fun ice-breaker for events and
parties of all sizes. Never had your face painted? This is your chance!

● Our set-up is clean, neat, and picture perfect.​
●  1 party art host for upto 2 hours.
● One ( 1 ) take-home buddy per guest with an adoption certificate.​
● One  ( 1 ) buddy sized t-shirt.
● Supplies provided: plushie, plushie stuffing, fabric markers, patches, buttons,
   fabric glue, and trays.
● Set-up and Clean-up.
● Tables, lines, and chairs are not included / or provided.

● Let us know what type of furry buddies you would like to have for your event.  We will send you a catalog of plushie images available for your event theme.
● Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

​● Multiple artists are available for all parties, corporate, and private events.

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