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Our Festival Hair & Make-up will catch everyone’s eye!  It's perfect for any
Coachella Festival vibe event.  Our hand made Gem Designs are fun and whimsical with a wide
variety of styles to choose from. It is perfect for adult and teens as it is for kids
Festival Glam Hair & Make-up can be tailored to fit each guests personality and look
It’s a super fun ice-breaker for any event or party of any size.
Never had Festival Glam Hair and Make-Up  for your event?
This is your chance to add a little magical sparkle to your upcoming event!  

Festival HAIR & MAKE-UP 

● Our set-up is clean, neat, and picture perfect.  
● Our artist can create 10 - 12 designs per hour.
● We offer custom made gem designs for smaller faces that fit them perfectly.
● Guest will choose a Gem Design that will be applied to their face with glitter.
​●  White whimsical brush design are included.
​●  Hair glitter bar is included with this service.
● Fun whimsical Gem designs are applied to skin using safe hypo-allergenic
    non latex based body adhesive.
​● Our set-up includes: director's chair, table, linen, menu, make-up, and tools  
    for quick convenient set-up, and of course all the fun for your event.
● Gem clusters are reusable up to 3 times.  
● Our artists are professional and fully insured.
● Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

​● Multiple artists are available for all parties, corporate, and private events.


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