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Our Braid Bar will entertain and put a smile on your guests. 
We will interact and let you guest choose their desired hair braiding design and glitter color
that will be applied to their hair.  They will be amazed when their hair transform into a
colorful glitzy unicorn.  The unlimited colors will make your party a hit.
Guests will go home with a fantastic glam hair service and  fun and memorable experience.
● Our set-up is clean, neat, and picture perfect.  
● Braid between 5 to 10 guest per hour, of course it will depend on design, 
   length, and manageability of guests hair.
● We offer a variety of colorful rainbow hair options a package options.
● Match your theme and color with our hair and charms.
● We offer custom pre-made and reusable Braid ties with zero commitment.
​● Our Hair Glitter bar is included with this service.
● A variety of hair jewelry bling and ribbon options available.
● Each guest will choose braid design and / or hair color.
● Our set-up includes: chair, table, mirror, linen, menu, hair, glitter, and tools  
   for quick convenient set-up, and of course all the fun for your event.
● Our artists are professional and fully insured.
● Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

​● Multiple artists are available for all parties, corporate, and private events.



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