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We provide outstanding Dia De Los Muertos Make-up service for your theme party events for
clients from all walks of life.  We are available for private appointments, Day of the Dead events,
and editorial shoots. 
​● Our set-up is clean, neat, and picture perfect.  
● Each artist offers popular and creative face art designs; using high-quality, hypoallergenic, water based, and non-toxic face make-up.
​● Artist will arrive with a tall director's chair and a table for quick and convenient set-up.
● Approximately, our artist can create 11 - 13 designs per hour, depending on complexity.
● For corporate or large events, multiple artists can be provided as needed.
● We also offer Custom made Dia De Los Muertos Crowns, place your order today.
● Email us for more information.
​​● Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

dia de Los Muertos


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